Friday 19th January 2018,
Aceh Birder


Birdwatching in  Leuser Ecosystem ( Aceh- Sumatra)

My partner and I spent two days birding in Gunung Leuser Ecosystem with Agus Nurza of Aceh Birder. Agus is extraordinarily passionate about birdwatching and actively involved in their conservation in Aceh. He really went out of his way to make our trip comfortable, and most importantly make sure we got the birds. He is the go-to guy for serious birders – knows the birds, their calls, and where to find them and specialises in endemics. Aceh really is an unexplored playground for birdwatchers, and with 87 species in 2 days I only wish we had spent longer!

Claire Runge, Australia (May 2015)

Birding Holiday in Leuser Ecosystem Rain Forest Sumatra

Birding Holiday in Leuser Ecosystem Rain Forest Sumatra (Claire, Jason & Agus)


Birdwatching on 24-25 & 26 of July 2015 Leuser Ecosystem ( Aceh- Sumatra)

I had an afternoon, a full day and a final morning .
This tour began in the forest mountain just 1h30 from Meulaboh with 4 Sumatran Laughingtrushes – my main target- and a few other species also present. We began walking and soon watched up many species within 2 hours: Long-tailed Sibia, Cream striped Bulbul, Sunda, Black and Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush, Sumatran Treepie !..
It was an “easy birding” as said Agus my excellent guide.
Alas this first( and the second afternoon) were a wash-out limiting my time for nightbirding.
For my full birding day, we added 3 species of Leafbirds, Aceh Bulbul – a futur split for sure!-Hoogerworf Salvadori Pheasant, Sumatran Peacock Pheasant and again the same bird than yesterday ( including again 3 Sumatran Laughing trush). Success! During our dinner on site – yes thank to Agus who bring table, chair, coffee,… we saw the Rookmarkeri ssp Silver-eared Mesia a real beauty.
On the last morning we tried a lower forest and we saw Hornbills. And it was time for my flight back to Medan.
An easy birding!
Christian Goblet – Belgium