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The Holistic Birding in Sumatra

The Holistic Birding in Sumatra

Birding with Aceh Birder, we will bring you to explore the “Holistic Birding in Sumatra” (11D/10N)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera), is an island in western Indonesia, to the west of the Sunda Islands. It is the largest island that is entirely in Indonesia (two larger islands, Borneo and New Guinea, are shared between Indonesia and other countries) and thesixth largest island in the world at 473,481 km2. Its biggest city is Medan with over 4 million in the greater urban area. Sumatra is an elongated landmass spanning a diagonal northwest-southeast axis. The climate of the island istropical, hot and humid with lush tropical rain forest originally dominating the landscape.

Sumatran Trogon, Leuser Ecosystem Sumatra

The province of Aceh is located in the Northwest of Sumatra Island with the area of approximately 57,365.57 km square or 12.26 % of size of Sumatra Island. It consists of 119 islands, 73 major rivers and 2 lakes. Aceh is surrounded by Malacca Strait in the north, North Sumatra Province in the east, Indian Ocean in the south and the west. The capital of Aceh is Banda Aceh.

The Aceh province is subdivided into 18 regencies (kabupaten) and 5 autonomous cities (kota). The capital and the largest city is Banda Aceh, located on the coast near the northern tip of Sumatra. Some local areas are pushing to create new autonomous areas, usually with the stated goal of enhancing local control over politics and development. The cities and regencies are subdivided into the districts of Aceh.

Sumatra is famous for its elusive endemic birds which include a few of the shyest forest-floor skulkers in the world, so it is wise to allow as much time as possible to look for these species. There is the huge national park of Leuser and several smaller parks. The Orangutan, Siamang, White-handed (Agile) Gibbon, Mitred (Banded), Silvered and Thomas’s Leaf Monkeys (Langurs), Long-tailed (Crab-eating) and (Sunda) Pig-tailed Macaques, (Greater) Slow Loris, Sunda Flying Lemur (Colugo), Black and Cream-coloured Giant Squirrels, tree shrews, Sambar and Lesser Mouse Deer. Also a chance of Leopard Cat and the Honey bear.
Aceh Coastal area
Aceh Forest is as being the home to the endemic and very rare Salvadori’s Pheasant (Lophura inornata), Schneider’s Pitta (Pitta schneideri) and Sumatran Cochoa (Cochoa beccarii). Other Sumatran endemic birds include the Sumatran Treepie (Dendrocitta occipitalis), Sumatran Trogon (Harpactes mackloti),Chestnut-winged Whistling Thrush (Myophonus castaneus), Sumatran Drongo(Dicrurus sumatranus), Sumatran Laughingthrush (Garrulax bicolor), Shiny Whistling Thrush (Myophonus melanurus), Blue-masked Leafbird (Chloropsis venusta), Cream-striped Bulbul (Pycnonotus leucogrammicus), Spot-necked Bulbul (Pycnonotus tympanistrigus), Sumatran Frogmouth (Batrachostomus poliolophus), Sumatran Green Pigeon, Rusty-breasted Wren-babbler,Sumatran Babbler (Pellorneum buettikoferi), Orange Spoted BulbulPycnonotus bimaculatus snouckaerti (sub species of Sumatra), and more.
Sumatran Laughingthrush Garrulax bicolor in Sumatra

In Aceh Forest Sumatra will also give us the opportunity to see a wide variety of Indo-Malayan species like Hornbills including Helmeted and Rhinoceros, broadbills including Black-and-red, Black-and-yellow, Green and Long-tailed, barbets including Fire-tufted, trogons including the endemic Sumatran as well as Diard’s, Red-headed, Red-naped and Scarlet-rumped, kingfishers including Banded and Rufous-collared, (Malaysian) Banded (irena), and the endemic Graceful and Schneider’s Pittas, leafbirds including the endemic Blue-masked, Asian Fairy Bluebird, sunbirds including Temminck’s, Blue Nuthatch, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Common Green Magpie, Whiskered Treeswift and more of the 25 or so endemics which occur on the mainland (several endemics occur on offshore islands) including Salvadori’s Pheasant, Sumatran Ground Cuckoo,

Great Hornbill in Aceh Sumatra

Sumatran (Pale-headed) Frogmouth, Sumatran (Collared) Owlet and Sumatran Cochoa, and near-endemics such as White-winged Duck, Marbled Wren Babbler, Sunda Blue Robin, Sunda Forktail, and Bonaparte’s and Salvadori’s Nightjars, as well as Red Junglefowl, Oriental Darter, Brahminy Kite, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Black and Rufous-bellied Eagles, Black-thighed Falconet, green pigeons, Blue-rumped Parrot, Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot, malkohas, Oriental Bay Owl, Reddish Scops Owl, Barred Eagle Owl, Large Frogmouth, Malaysian Eared Nightjar, Giant (Waterfall) Swiftlet, Grey-rumped Treeswift, woodpeckers, minivets, Green Iora, bulbuls, Greater Racket-tailed and Lesser Racket-tailed Drongos, Black-and-crimson Oriole, Crested Jay, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, many babblers including Chestnut-backed Scimitar Babbler, White-browed Shrike Babbler and Long-tailed Sibia, Lesser and White-browed Shortwings, White-rumped Shama, tailorbirds, flycatchers, fantails, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Long-tailed Shrike, Hill Myna, spiderhunters and flowerpeckers. Also a chance of Great Argus, Sumatran Peacock Pheasant, Crested Fireback, Storm’s Stork, Rail Babbler, Dusky Woodcock, and Gould’s and Sunda Frogmouths.

Thomas’s Leaf Monkey, commonly seen

The Best Sites for Wildlife encounter and Birdwatching in Nothern Sumatra is the Gunung Leuser NP , Leuser Eco-System Forest, Gayo Highlands, Singkil Nature Reserve, Ulu Masen Eco-System, and Simeulue Island. The beautiful Gayo Highlands deep in the interior of Aceh are ripe for off-the-path picking. This is coffee country, cool and mountainous with spectacular vistas drifting in and out of focus between cool morning mists.

Flying Lemur in Sumatra
The Gunung Leuser NP and Leuser Ecosystem is an area of forest located in the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Covering more than 2.6 million hectares it is one of the richest expanses of tropical rain forest in Southeast Asia and is the last place on earth where sumatran elephant, sumatran rhinoceros,sumatran tiger and sumatran orangutan. Especially Orangutans in the Kluet swamp forest in Leuser are found in unusually high numbers (due to plentiful food and natural boundaries that prohibit their movement to other locations).
Leuser Ecosystem Rain Forest Sumatra

the Holistic Birding Tour in Sumatra (HBTS) is the Best package Birding-Eco-Adventure tour in Northern Sumatra. HBTS will make you enjoy for watching any wildlife like Siamang, White-handed (Agile) Gibbon, Mitred (Banded), Silvered and Thomas’s Leaf Monkeys (Langurs), Sunda Flying Lemur (Colugo), Black and Cream-coloured Giant Squirrels. We make easy to watch some Sumatran Endemic Birds and many of Asian birds. We also have a fantastic series of birding and wildlife expedition in Aceh Sumatra. Interested in Bird & Wildlife Photography?!! Take a look at our exciting Wild Images tours of Aceh Birder here: Aceh Birder

Nepenthes, tropical pitcher plants in Leuser Sumatra

The area in this trips is very much under explored from a birdwatching perspective. Several sites are known to be of interest, but really anywhere could be explored. It’s still many attractive locations for birding in G. Leuser NP including Eco-system of Leuser as incredible birding spot and also our best birding spot in Ulu Masen rain forest Sumatra and Gayo Highlands Sumatra. We can do birding with a different experience from other areas of Sumatra Island. You can join with us to explore more….!

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